Get The Fog Out!

The solution to foggy
windows is panefully clear!

Got moisture in your double glazing?

We offer simple, easy, and fast window restoration so you can start seeing clearly in no-time - When the fog is gone it won't be missed!

Make your windows panefully clear!

  • from £50 per window;
  • and £150 per patio door

A single drop of water
creates a 4-inch fog patch

Double glazed window seals start to allow moisture into their airspaces the day they leave the factory bouncing on the back of a lorry on their way to be installed into window frames.

This is why the spacer bar between the window panes has penetration holes; they allow the moisture to be absorbed by the desiccant pellets (similar to the silica gel you find in a new pair of shoes! But inside your window frame).

However, when the absorbant pellets have become completely saturated, the window begins to get foggy as there is nowhere for the moisture to go.

Help Your Window Breath...

We install defog valves into two corners of the window or into the side of a patio-style glass door.
The panefully clear system using a defog valve.

Once the desiccant within the spacer bar has dried out the double glazed window pane will return to its original state.

This process can take 2 to 3 months depending on how saturated the absorbant pellets are.

Invented by the National Research Council of Canada.

5 year limited warranty

Warranty will be dependent on technicians on-site survey of window condition prior to performing the process.

If accidental breakage of double glazed unit occurs, we will replace the unit and will only charge the original moisture removal cost for the new unit to be installed.

Unfortunately, our system cannot restore heat-treated or tempered glass windows.